Building Equity Management

PortfolioBuilding Equity Management LLC manages both rental and mixed use buildings throughout Manhattan, from Little Italy, to Flatiron, to Midtown West, to the Upper East Side, to Harlem and Washington Heights. A significant portion of the portfolio is comprised of regulated units, where the firm excels at adding value.


The principals of Building Equity Management LLC are Brian Reilly and Michael Vinocur. Brian hasĀ over 15 years experience in managing his own portfolio as well as a similar tenure as a real estate salesperson, then a broker, and then a brokerage owner. Michael has over 10 years of experience in real estate redevelopment and management and a strong financial background, underpinned by an MBA from Yale University.


While the company employs a hands-on, “old school” approach to working a building, this is supplemented with the latest in online software tools. Such tools enhance cash flow, improve tenant communications, streamline maintenance processes, and increase tenant retention. Additionally, the firm has particular strength in the management of rent regulated buildings, taking full advantage of those tools within the rent law that allow an owner to achieve a greater net income.