Building Equity Management

Gaining Apartment Access, Another Landlord Headache

I’ve been rather remiss in contributing to this blog for many months, as other time demands have tended to crowd out my ability to find moments to muse here. However, after having had someone today pay me several compliments for past blog postings, I feel motivated to write a quick contribution today. After finally scoring […]

Using Technology to Streamline NYC Property Management

Having recently been featured in a user profile for Evernote, a technology company focused on helping you “organize stuff,” I thought it appropriate to crow a little about how we are using technology to make our property management business more efficient. With Evernote we have been able to make much of our operational workflow paperless. […]

Dealing with Hoarders

All good landlords in New York City are regularly frustrated by the asymmetry between landlord and tenant responsibilities in the eyes of the housing authorities and court system. One area where this is most pronounced is when dealing with tenants who are bonafide hoarders. Hoarding is now seen as a “disease” first made famous in […]

The Pleasures of Battling City Agencies – My Adventures with SCRIE

I guess it’s a combination of the summer and just being very busy with business, but I suddenly fell out of the habit of doing regular blog posts. I suppose I had also exhausted the low-hanging fruit in terms of potential topics relevant to owning and managing multifamily and mixed use buildings in New York […]

The Rent Guidelines Board Public Testimony Meeting Is Coming – June 13, 2013

A number of NYC associations serving the multifamily building owner community have been offering encouragement for owners to participate in this year’s public testimony hearings in front of the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB). Since I rather enjoy pontificating about the challenges and headaches of building management, particularly in a regulated environment, I figured I’d give […]

Finding a New York City Rental Property Management Company…With So Many Out There, How to Choose?

Since we indeed run a Manhattan-based Property Management Company, this posting might be viewed as a self-serving attempt towards increasing our website’s SEO (search engine optimization), which to an extent it admittedly is. However, having lived through several years of having an outside management company looking after multiple buildings for us, coupled with many war […]

More New York City Multifamily Market Info…This Time from Recent CHIP Seminar

Last week I made my annual trek to the NY Buildings show over at the Javits Center. My business partner and I walked the show floor for an hour or so, with particular focus on various building electronic key and finger print recognition entry systems. Our goal is to find a way to make sure […]

A Brief Report on Massey Knakal CRE Investment Summitt 2013

First of all, I apologize to my readers for the long gap since my last blog post, but business has been very busy as of late and the blog has fallen by the wayside. Additionally, I’ve been waiting for something worth reporting on. Last week I attended the Massay Knakal CRE Investment Summit t the Hilton. Though […]

NYC Multifamily Owners – Beware the TPU!

I’ve been to quite a number of industry meetings the last several months, notably those hosted by RSA and CHIP, where there have been warnings about the new Tenant Protection Unit or TPU. This is a new group within the New York State Homes and Community Renewal agency (formerly DHCR), created last year by Governor […]

State of New York City Multifamily 2013 — Couldn’t Be Much Better

This week I ventured early one morning to check out the Bisnow Multifamily held over at the Hilton. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I feel it’s good to try to get out of the office with some frequency to network with others in the industry and to be able to take the temperature […]